European knowledge and funding for projects in Africa

Who are we?

Dutch Africa Investment Company (DUTAFIC), is a company based out of Dubai, United Arab Emirates. We’re operating in providing full access to the African continent.

We’re focusing on providing funding & finance to support projects implementation, business development & project management as well as strategic agriculture based projects in Africa.

We're operating in a wide range of strategic areas

Funding & financing

Dutafic has wide range of financial solutions that provide to its customers through partnerships with private banks, development banks & financial institutions.

Business Development & Project Management

With the vast connections of Dutafic in the African continet we are in the position of supporting any company wants to expand its operations in Africa though providing market access, feasibility studies & management of projects.

Agriculture & Food processing

We're working on food related project in Uganda that will add value to the plantation of local crop and its furthure processing technices.


We offer high quality solutions for industrial floors in new buildings and renovation projects.

Why us?

Dutafic alliance will provide number of benefits to corporations interested in Africa.

  • Reduce cost through economies of scale and increased knowledge
  • Faster Entry to new African markets
  • Support for the research and development efforts
  • Winning the political obstacle by being close to the decision makers
  • Opportunity of high growth in Africa compared to other mature markets
  • Vast connections with officials and knowledge of African countries business operations
  • Easier access to target markets

Our Mission & Vision

Our Mission

Our mission is to invest our resources using innovative ways to provide high quality solutions within waste reduction, with the result to increase your profit.

Our Vision

We strive to have a positive impact by putting our knowledge into practice, achieving shareholders objectives, maximizing employees & customers benefits through continuance development considering the environment in all our practices.

Why Africa?

The second largest continent after Asia with massive untapped resources, with the increase of world population from 7 Billion to over 8.5 Billion by 2030. Food processing will be in high demand and strategic focus with Dutafic vast knowledge, experience and connections in Africa it provides full fledge services and support to expand within the continent.

Food processing will be in high demand in Africa the coming decades

Let's Build Something Together